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Mary Cassell - Qualified Hypnotherapist - Time Hypnosis
Mary Cassell - Qualified Hypnotherapist

Hi, my name is
Mary Cassell, I'm a qualified

I first experienced Hypnotherapy at least 25 years ago, but then for legal reasons, it was called "Meditation", as Hypnotherapy was only legally performed by psychiatrists and other professionals. I got into Hypnotherapy as a business and profession when approached by a partner in a psychology practice asked me if I was a Hypnotherapist, and would I like to be one, and they desperately needed one in their practice, and that started the ball rolling.
It is my passion and I love helping people resolve their issues, and to go on living full lives without barriers or years of therapy, but with real results in weeks, not years.

How Clinical
Can Help You

You may have been to a Psychologist or a counsellor before, telling your story and maybe not feeling any better after weeks, months and more often than not, many years of therapy.

With Time Hypnosis, we treat the cause, not the symptoms. This way it is painless and fast and effective. Time Hypnosis way of helping you will save years in therapy and many thousands of dollars.

Hypnosis Vs

Studies show that the average success rate for hypnotherapy was 93% after an average of 6 sessions compared to a 38% success rate after an average of 600 sessions of psychoanalysis

I can work alongside your GP/Specialist by working with underlying issues that you may not be aware of. I would never ask you to go off medication, that is for you and your doctor to discuss, but I am here to help you with the symptoms that you are living with, and making your future brighter without any side effects.

The beauty of "Time Hypnosis" is that you do not have to tell me your story, we treat it subconsciously.


Hypnosis Services We Specialise In

Whether it is curbing a negative aspect of your life, or enhancing something positive, I can help you perform at your best and get the most out of your day.

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